R.J. Mack Company, located in Jacksonville, Florida and has been providing quality Turnkey Bridge Crane Design, Manufacture, Installation, Service, Inspections, Repairs and Technical Assistance since 1960.

R.J. Mack Company provides complete turnkey design, manufacture and installation of all type bridge cranes, monorail systems and jib crane systems.
From the smallest 1/4 ton capacity to 150-ton capacity. R.J. Mack Company can provide any range bridge crane system.

Toprunning -(from class B to class E)Overhead Crane
-single girder
-double girder
-mono box
Capabilities to meet any span requirement

Underhung – Patent track or S beam type
Jib Cranes – all types
Gantry Cranes – all types
Work station cranes
Any type monorail system either straight or curved with switches